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Original organizer, original general partner, new name. This was the third year of a MTB marathon organised by RC&P Team Bratislava.

The general partner of the marathon was again the well-known Bratislava bike-shop Kaktus Bike. The support of the municipality of Bratislava-Rača remained as well.

Mostly significant news was the fact that that year the RC&P Specialized marathon 2005 was a final event of pilot year of MTB Marathon Slovak Cup. Right on our competition, its winners were decorated, first time in the history of Slovak MTB.

RC&P Specialized marathon 2005 was supported by:

Kaktus Bike MČ Rača Kona Specialized
VOS-TPK Siemens Program and System Engineering SHOCART Berkner
Zlatý Bažant Grotto - bagety Floraservis Tekmar
REMPO s.r.o. Poisťovňa UNION

Publicity partners:

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